You have seen them in movies. You liked and shared their videos on social media. Now, it is time to have your very own cat. But what type of cat should you choose? There are hundreds of breeds available. Which cat will suit you best?

Balinese cat

The name is derived from the charming dancers of Bali, Indonesia. It is actually a cat breed that is related to the Siamese cat. It has relatively long hair and easy to maintain.

In terms of personality, the Balinese cat is a very affectionate creature. If you just come from a fun yet exhausting Amsterdam city trip and arrived at your home, this type of cat is the one that will sit and your lap and get close to you. This cat gets cozy with you even in the sheets! It will follow you around the house and even sleep with you under the covers.

The Balinese cat is a playful animal. It is also very energetic and agile. You may want to give this cat some toys in order to keep him busy throughout the day. To save money of cat toys and other cat products, it is recommended for you to sign up to sites that offer promo codes and voucher codes to their website visitors.

Colorpoint Shorthair cat

For those who want minimal maintenance in terms of sweeping the floors because of shedding, then this cat is for you. The Colorpoint Shorthair cat is a variant of the Siamese cat. It is actually a cross between a Siamese cat and a red American Shorthair. Before, it only had a red color. Eventually, the cross led to different colors of the cat.

The Colorpoint Shorthair cat is very loud. You would not miss this cat if it passed you in the hall. If it wants something, you would definitely hear about it. Since it is a sociable cat, you have to give time to talk to it. If you like having a very conversational pet, then a Colorpoint Shorthair is the perfect match for you.

These are just two examples of breeds of cats that you can have as a pet. Set your priorities like size, voice, fur length, and shedding. Weigh your options then decide the right cat for you.


  1. Shen Hsieh says:

    You should not forget about the cat litter box. Cats love to play on litter boxes. I have a big box for my cats in the backyard. I also bought a cat stand where they can rest and play. You can buy toys for them from online shops like Lazada and Zalora.

  2. Yi Ze Chen says:

    I agree with the allergy check first. Even if you want to own a pet cat, if you will be allergic to it, then you will not be able to take care of it at all because you are too busy sneezing and coughing. It is best to just choose another kind of pet that you can handle and maintain.

  3. Na Chen says:

    I am a very busy person who works day in and day out. But I want to come home to cats because I just love and adore them. I make it a point to have them groomed and cut based on the schedule that I created. If my work becomes too hectic, then I just ask my sister to bring my cats to the groomer.

  4. Donald says:

    I love cats. I don’t limit myself to what type I can take care of, but you have great points raised here. Many people don’t have the luxury of time and resources to support some cats.

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