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Why Hong Kong and PetExpo?
1. Hong Kong Pet market has 40 years old history and is still blooming. There are over 400 pet shops and over 100 pet clinics. Over 300,000 dogs and cats are kept as pets. Total annual sales amount of pet business is around HK$1.5 billions. Hong Kong people have a keen knowledge in pet keeping. Monthly spending per pet in Hong Kong is around HK$600-700, while in China is RMB400. Hong Kong is a shopping paradise famed for quality and genuine goods for people from Mainland China. Due to the ease of access to latest product information and market trend, the Hong Kong pet accessory market still has room to grow and influence the market trend in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.
2. Hong Kong has a distinctive advantage in terms of geographic location. Being the business and financial hub in Asia, Hong Kong is an important gateway to the China Market. Besides, it is easy to be reached from all places around the world. Visitors from over 120 countries are visa-free to Hong Kong. These make Hong Kong the world’s hottest destination.
3. Hong Kong is a famous free trade port. There is no restriction and tax free for import, export
and trade of pet accessories. Moreover, Hong Kong has no currency restriction. Exhibitors
can bring their goods fee out of Hong Kong freely after transaction.
4. With a comprehensive database covering over 600,000 corporate executives in the Greater
China Region, Paper Communication can disseminate the latest information on its
exhibition to the target visitors.
5. Largest Pet Accessory Expo in Hong Kong. The best way to enter international market.
6. Successful track record from 2006 to 2014 with good comments and appreciation from visitors
and exhibitors. Exhibition scale reports growth every year.
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